Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hello World

Hello and welcome to my first blog post.  This is my first and possibly only attempt at entering a world I have often looked down upon.  Through the years I have seen many blogs come and go often providing useless opinions on matters that were not thoroughly understood.  But at the same time I have also seen some very profound writing come out of a 10 sentence paragraph. 

I have entitled this first writing "Hello World" from my very limited programming background.  "Hello World" is often the first program that an individual will write in an entry level course.  The program itself very simply posts the phrase "Hello World" onto the screen.  This simple program is quite amazing to the first time programer, and I view this first simplistic entry as an extension of that programming model.

The topics that I have chosen are those that I feel I can write about on an almost daily basis.  Though these topics are the bulk of my interest, I can also say that not all of my postings will be based upon them.  I hope to get out the thoughts that have been buried in my head for a number of years in this place.  I hope that those thoughts will entertain, inspire, or in the very least make you look at a subject from a different perspective. 

I hope that you enjoy my musings and I look forward to any and all comments that are posted.


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