Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Off Topic - The debt deal

Two blogs in one day you ask with surprised excitement?  Yes readers of my blog, if there are any, today you get two.  I figure with the long layoff I owe whoever is out there some payback.  And this one is not in my usual assortment of topics, but one I feel needs some ranting.  If there hasn't been enough of it already.  This afternoon I speak to you on the newly signed debt deal that President Obama calls one step towards this country living with in its means.  And its exactly this statement that I think deserves the recognition for the rant.

So to begin, I think its important that I speak to what exactly my position on "living within ones own means" really is.  My belief is that in order to live within ones own means they cannot allow their spending to exceed their income.  We saw a lot of this behavior in the last decade with people buying houses they could not afford and then using credit to supplement their losses.  The end result of this type of financial irresponsibility?  Well I'd say it was probaby one of the worst recessions our nation has ever seen, and one we have not fully recovered from.

Yet here is our Federal Government arguing over a budget and finally coming to agreement on one that ultimately is like applying to another credit card and then saying you'll fix your budget in a decade.  What's this about a decad you say?  Well the debt limit was raised by (I think) 1 Trillion dollars so that we as a country do not default on our loans.  But to make up for this (I'm guessing?) We have commited to reducing spending by 1 Trillion dollars over the course of the next decade. 

Now keep in mind that we are running over 1 Trillion dollars over our income with this current budget.  We have been running in a 1 Trillion dollar deficit or more for several years.  So with inflation over the next 10 years our government leaders have commited to reducing spending but not even to the point where we are breaking even.  How on earth is it acceptable for the leaders of our nation to behave in such a way with our tax dollars when it is unacceptable for the citizens of said nation to?

The complete lack of financial responsibility that we have seen in our Federal Government over the course of this past decade is absolutely appalling.  Don't even give me a "It's those damn democrats" either.  Bush is the one who started this whole roller coaster of spending too much.  Let us not forget that it was Clinton, of all people (That evil evil man...) who left the white house with an 800 Billion dollar SURPLUS for Mr Bush.

So what's the point?  The point is we need to shake these people up.  Personally I think that in the next few elections whoever the incumbant is needs to be voted out.  You say maybe this is drastic?  Maybe it's punishing some people who were doing the right thing?  Maybe so, but it takes an extreme action to wake up a group of individuals to the fact that we are the ones who hold the power here.  We are the ones who say you can serve this country or not.  And guess what, what you have been doing for a decade is not good enough.  So until you can collectively get the job done the way we say it should be, there will be drastic change.

Just my opinion, not that it matters.

And I now step down from my giant box of soap.
- Chad

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